Chinese Owl Pigeons

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Bring charm and personality to your aviary with Chinese Owl Pigeons from Stromberg's Chickens. These birds are visually stunning and known for their gentle and friendly nature.

Tame and Friendly Chinese Owl Pigeons

Chinese Owl Pigeons are renowned for their docile temperament. Known as one of the friendliest pigeon breeds, they quickly become accustomed to human interaction, making them perfect for families and hobbyists alike. Their easy-going nature also makes them ideal for those new to pigeon keeping.

Distinctive Features of the Breed

The Chinese Owl pigeon is easily recognizable by its very short beaks and fine feathers, setting it apart from other fancy breeds. These unique features contribute to their adorable and appealing appearance, making them a favorite at shows and competitions. Their compact size and distinctive look make Chinese Owls a fascinating addition to any pigeon enthusiast's collection.

Breeding and Raising Young

These birds are easy to breed and are known to raise their own young Chinese Owl pigeon birds reliably. This characteristic makes young Chinese owls a great choice for those looking to expand their flock of fancy pigeons naturally. We offer Chinese Owl Pigeons in breeder's choice colors, including red, blue, and splash, ensuring a beautiful variety in your aviary.


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    genuinely impressed by the quality.

    by Aidan B. on Mar 16, 2023

    we bought an owl pigeon a year or so ago from this site. no pigeon adoption agencies were near where we lived. we received our pigeon, now named anchovy earlier than expected. he's very healthy and has a big personality. loves to be put on his back and pet. did not arrive with any pests or filth. very happy with how well he was taken care of!