Black Australian Swans

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These beautiful swans make a great addition to any pond.
The blackish plumage makes this species Unmistakable from any other swan. In flight, the white flight feathers Contrast strongly with the black plumage. The call of the adults is a rather weak bugling sound that does not carry a great distance. Immature birds are a dull brown, paler below with A dark brown bill and grey legs. It is highly suggested that you have a pond or lake for these gorgeous birds as swans spend most of their time floating on the water, grazing on underwater vegetation in shallow waters.

  • Clutch size: 4-10 eggs, laid on alternate days.
  • Breeding starts at 2-3 years. Sold in pairs only.
  • Shipping is $450.00 per Pair.
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  • Availability: Young Pair or Breeder Pair

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