High Capacity Silo Poultry Feeder - 65 lb

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This new high-capacity feeder makes feeding your flock a breeze! The 65-pound capacity means that you can fill it with a whole bag of feed with room to spare! Its translucent body lets you know when you’re running low on feed. The feed saver grill makes it harder for you birds to waste feed.

It’s easy to clean

  • 6” stand keeps the feed trough out of the bedding.
  • Large lid makes this a breeze to clean. Just open it up and wipe it down.
  • Easy to remove grill makes it simple to wipe down the feed trough when needed.

High Capacity that is easy to fill

  • New high-capacity feeder with 65-pound capacity.
  • Fill the feeder less often giving you more time to enjoy your birds.
  • The large lid makes it easy to fill.
  • The feed saver grill means your birds will not waste feed saving you money.


  • 16.25 x 16.25 x 27.00 inches