Heavy-Duty Extendable Fowl Net

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Find the extendable nets you need to catch your birds here at Stromberg's Chickens safely. Every bird enthusiast will find the supplies they need here at our shop.

Features Designed With Precision

Introducing our extendable net that is specifically designed for those in need of something versatile. This net is not just any ordinary one. It can be extended up to 92” in length and comes with a generous opening of 20” in diameter.

Ergonomically Crafted

Keeping user comfort in mind, our nets feature a non-slip grip, ensuring a sturdy catch every single time. Say goodbye to inconvenient slips and mishaps. With Stromberg's Chickens, you're always in good hands.

Complements Other Products Flawlessly

Our nets pair brilliantly with other items in our shop. Customers frequently buy them alongside our heavy-duty transport crates, shears, clinchers, and knotted nettings. These combinations make for a seamless bird-handling experience.

Enhance Your Bird-Handling Experience

Get the right extendable net for handling your birds today. Dive in and discover the perfect netting solutions tailored to your every need.


  • 3.70 x 19.40 x 37.20 inches