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This Egg Washing Machine will safely & quickly scrub a Dozen Eggs a Minute. 

Wash your eggs in less than half the time compared to hand washing. This egg cleaning device will gently and safely scrub a dozen eggs in a minute and over 600 an hour.

This Newest 3.0 Model has a streamline design with interlocking brushes, scrubs a large range of egg sizes, Bantam to X-Jumbo. This unit has our new "Roll Back Bumper Clips", this prevents eggs from hitting the top plate, it also comes with an on/off switch for safety. 

This unit is small, lightweight, portable and easy to store.

Made in USA


  • To get started, presoak your eggs for 10 minutes in warm water mixed with our All Natural Enzyme Pre-soak, this helps remove stains and organic contaminates. 
  • Place the Egg Scrubber under a stream of warm water, hitting the top plates' center, switch the unit on and place your presoaked eggs in the three green pockets. 
  • Let these first eggs tumble and scrub for 15 seconds. Remove the 1st egg, rinse and place on a drying cloth or towel. Replace with another presoaked egg and repeat the process in the 2nd pocket and so on. 


  • This machine is intended for the small Backyard Egg Farmer, NOT for Indutrial or Large Scale Egg Farming. Maximum limit is one hour of run time per day! Exceeding the limit will void the One Year Limited Warranty! 
  • Do not wash unit in the dishwasher 
  • Do not use boiling water
  • Do not submerge motor
  • Keep Hair and Loose Items Away from Moving Parts!

It is 10” W x 6” H and designed to fit the average kitchen sink.

Please note this product drop ships from the manufacturer. Please allow approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery.


  • This product can only be shipped within the United States.


  • 5

    Awesome Egg Scrubber

    by Brett Sovick on Apr 16, 2023

    Although this machine is really for micro operations, you can really get through hundreds of eggs very quickly. If you were a medium sized producer and wanted minimal touch on your eggs...this is the tool for the job. I love this scrubber. I WISH I could do quail eggs with it...then I'd give it SIX stars and not just five. The brushes aren't too stiff, and you can run the eggs as long as needed...which is really nice compared to the larger scrubbers. I simply run cold water on the rear ledge as it operates, and I get dirt-free eggs in seconds. I don't use any added cleansers...only water, and it's absolutely perfect. I'd HIGHLY recommend this to any small scale producer, homesteader or hobby farm enthusiast.

  • 5

    Best Scrubber

    by Arctic Leaf on Sep 12, 2022

    Would buy again!