15 Dozen Egg Plastic Crate

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Stromberg's offers durable plastic egg crates, designed for both commercial and retail use. Each crate is versatile, accommodating up to 15 dozen eggs, whether stored in a plastic egg tray or pulp egg cartons, making them an essential tool for egg producers and sellers.

Durable and Versatile Egg Crate for Sale

Crafted for longevity, these plastic crates protect egg cartons during transport and storage. Their robust design withstands the demands of daily use and offers reliability for businesses and hobbyists alike.

With a universal fit for paper or plastic egg trays and flats, each egg crate streamlines the process of egg handling. Using our egg crate simplifies your inventory management, making it a smart choice for anyone handling a large number of eggs.

Practical Solution for Your Egg Storage

Ideal for scaling operations, from small farms to large-scale commercial producers, these crates offer an economical solution for egg storage and transport needs. Their efficiency and practicality make them a valuable asset in maintaining the integrity of eggs and egg cartons until they reach your customers.


  • 14.40 x 14.50 x 15.40 inches