Durvet Vitamins & Electrolytes Concentrate

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4 oz. package, water soluble powder. Dilution:1 oz. product to 27 gal. water. 6 tsp to 1 oz. product; 1 tsp to 4.5 gal. As of 08- no longer contains biotin per change inpharmaceutical prep. yellow colored. Designed to be an additive, containing vitamins: A, D3, E, riboflavin, pantothenic, niacin, B-12, folic acid, thiamine, pyridoxine. Minerals:sodium, calcium, magnesium, ferric (iron) citrate, potassium chloride and dextrose. Good to useas chick booster. Also good for adults. Change water daily. 


  • 0.70 x 4.70 x 6.40 inches