Winter Supplies for Chickens

We stock and sell all the winter supplies for chickens you may need, including Universal Electric Fount Heaters, Winter Water Kits, Wireless Digital Thermometer and more.

  • 3 Gallon Fount With Heated Base

    3 Gallon Fount With Heated Base

    Unlike many heated waterers, this heated three gallon fount provides you with both a heated base and a non heated base. Use the non heated base in the summer and the heated base in the winter.
  • Universal Electric Fount Heater

    Universal Electric Fount Heater

    This is an excellent heated base for poultry waterers or founts. It has an automatic thermostat that keeps water at 50-55 degrees perfect for your birds so they are not drinking water that is just above freezing. Which would cause them to use more energy because there body then not only has to keep warm but heat the cold water. It is great because it will fit any plastic or metal fount up...

  • Winter Water Kit - Heater with Plastic Waterer, & Platform

    Winter Water Kit - Heater with Plastic Waterer, & Platform

    This kit will help you assure that your birds have available water all winter long. We've included the #AEB Universal Electric Fount Heater, the #PPS Plastic Platform and #PF3, a 3 gallon plastic water Fount.
  • Metal Winter Water Kit

    Metal Winter Water Kit

    This kit will help you assure that your birds have available water all winter long. We've included the #SFH Small Fount Heater, the #MP Metal Platform and #FT23, a rugged 3 gallon galvanized steel Water Fount.

  • Sweeter Heater

    Sweeter Heater

    The Sweeter Heater has no hot spots, develops a uniform heat pattern, and has a 3-year warranty. The surface temperature of the lens will range from a safe 160-180 degrees (F). It is designed to warm the animal, not the environment and is fully adjustable to maintain the ideal comfort level for your animals.The lens temperature will not exceed 160-180 degrees and will not burn your animals....
  • Wireless Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer

    Wireless Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer

    This wireless thermometer/hygrometer will allow you to monitor your incubator from up to 200 ft away! The base unit will also allow you to monitor the temperature and humidity where it is located. If you keep it in the same room as your incubator it will you the ambient temperature and humidity of the room your incubator is in, which can point to issues with your incubator. The wireless...

  • Small Fount Heater

    Small Fount Heater

    This electric heater is heated with an electric light bulb. Not suited for larger 5 to 8 gallon founts. Works well with metal platform #MP. Do not expose to rain, wind or snow. Designed to be used inside a coop or enclosure. 6" high, 9" in diameter.
  • Click Shield Cord Lock - Orange

    Click Shield Cord Lock - Orange

    The ClickShield Cord Lock is the fast & inexpensive way to weatherproof any power cord, while also eliminating irritating & dangerous disconnects. The durable all-weather plastic shield has a unique ratchet mechanism, when you hear the click you know it's securely locked. The internal gasket assures a water resistant electrical connection. L 4.625" x W 2.75" x H 2.125"