Add some variety to your flock with some geese. Raising geese can provide meat for the table, large eggs, down for pillows and enjoyment for the owner.

As you browse through, don't miss the wonderful selection of special waterfowl books. We are pleased to offer among the largest collections of specialty books on waterfowl available anywhere including a number of hard to find small press books that typically aren't available in bookstores, book web sites or other catalogs.

Be prepared for your goslings, don't forget to have your gosling brooders, gosling founts and gosling feeders ready for your new arrivals to keep them warm and healthy.

We are sorry, but we do not export live birds, eggs or adult birds including pigeons or doves.

  • Assorted Goslings

    Assorted Goslings

    Hatchery choice from heritage breeds that can include any variety we carry. What a great surprise... will you have a few Embden; a couple Toulouse? Who knows?!?! By choosing an assortment you get a quicker ship date and the hatchery gets to use up every bird on hatch day! Hatchery's choice of at least 3 breeds.
  • African Brown Gosling

    African Brown Gosling

    The African Brown is a heavy weight breed which originated in China. They are active foragers, good weeders, good mothers and are talkative. Africans grow quickly and are a popular breed for the market. This is a cold hardy bird, however the knob can be subject to frostbite, so ensure the geese have a shelter in the winter. Weight: Female-18 lbs. Male-22 lbs. Shipping is included with...

  • Toulouse Goslings

    Toulouse Goslings

    The Toulouse is a heavy weight breed which originated in France. They are one of the best egg layers of the heavy breeds and are also raised for the table. This is a production quality Toulouse and does not have a dewlap. Generally are non-aggressive, good mothers, good weeders and are active foragers. Weight: Female- 14 lbs. Male- 18 lbs. Shipping is included with all gosling prices
  • Roman Tufted Goslings

    Roman Tufted Goslings

    The Roman Tufted is a light weight breed which originated in Rome, Italy. This is the only breed of goose that has a tuft of feathers on the top of the head. They are known to be calm with a friendly disposition. Weight: Female- 10 lbs. Male- 12 lbs. Shipping is included with all gosling prices

  • White Chinese Goslings

    White Chinese Goslings

    The White Chinese is a light weight breed which originated in China. This is a very popular breed due to its high egg production and as a excellent lighter weight table bird. Chinese geese are considered to be "weeder" geese because they are one of the most active foraging geese. They are very vocal and are known for alarming the barnyard of intruders. Their plumage is solid white plumage...
  • White Embden Goslings

    White Embden Goslings

    The White Embden is a heavy weight breed which originated in Europe. They are one of the heaviest breeds of geese and are the most popular breed for meat. With their white plumage, they dress clean and are active foragers. They are also good layers of a white egg. Weight: Female- 16 lbs. Male- 20 lbs. Shipping is included with all gosling prices

  • Grey Saddleback Pomeranian Geese

    Grey Saddleback Pomeranian Geese

    Must order 8 total goslings to ship! The Pomeranian is a medium weight breed which originated in Germany. They are a fine meat bird and are also a fair producer of white eggs. They have a unique feather coloring pattern and have a reddish/pink bill, orange/red legs and orange/red feet. Weight: Female- 15 lbs. Male- 13 lbs. Shipping is included with all gosling prices.