Chicken Brooder Kits

  • Baby Chick Starter Kit

    Baby Chick Starter Kit

    New and improved in 2017!! We have rethought our baby chick starter kit to make it easier for you!! This is the same brooder starter kit we have brought you for years but with a new focus on ease of use! Here is what is included and how we feel it will help you to succeed. Because making it easier for you to hatch and brood your chicks is what we want to do with this kit. This is for...
  • Economy Brooder Starter Kit

    Economy Brooder Starter Kit

    This economy kit includes some great products to get your flock started. Although not as packed with products as the regular brooder starter kit this one will get you in the right direction. The kit includes: 1 Single Lamp Brooder1 1 250 Watt Infra Red Light Bulb 1 Red chick feeder base with Small plastic Jar 1 No Drown Chick Waterer Base with plastic Jar 1 Thermometer for...