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The Most Productive Egg-Laying Chicken Breeds

There are many reasons to start raising chickens in your own backyard, but one of the most popular perks is the farm-fresh eggs. A coop full of happy, healthy birds can provide you and your family with delicious and nutritious eggs throughout the season. A lot of different factors, including the type of chickens you own, influence how often your hens lay eggs. If you want the most productive egg-laying chicken breeds in your coop, check out these top choices.


With white feathers and red plumage, leghorns are the picture-perfect chicken breed. These birds originally came from a port in Italy and have been popular in the United States since the 1800s. The town of Petaluma, California, even has an Annual Egg Day to celebrate the successful egg industry they built with leghorn chickens. Leghorns tend to be nervous, flighty chickens, making them harder to tame. However, their ability to lay up to 300 white, medium-sized eggs per year more than makes up for their timid temperament.


One of the most famous laying breeds in the world, Rhode Island Reds have become farming staples because of their attractive color, easy-going temperament, and egg-laying ability. These birds are incredibly clever and hardy, making them a fun and easy bird to keep no matter what your experience level is. You can expect 250 to 300 brown, medium-sized eggs from Rhode Island Reds every year.


People once considered these birds to be mongrel breeds, but the Plymouth Rock found favor through their friendly temperament and egg-laying ability. They can even lay throughout the winter, making them particularly valuable for farmers. Plymouth Rock chickens are quite easy to tame, and they enjoy a free-range environment. A healthy Plymouth Rock hen produces around 200 to 250 medium, light brown eggs a year.

No matter what breed you choose or why you start raising chickens, Stromberg’s is here to support your chicken-keeping journey. We’ve got live birds, chicken brooders, and anything else you might need to have a successful flock.

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