Large Capacity Dome 45 lb Feeder and 8 Gallon Waterer

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This is a combination for large capacity feeding and watering of your poultry. The feeder holds 45 pounds and the waterer holds 8 gallons. Both units hold the dispensers high off of the ground. This will help to eliminate the mess that birds make in the troughs of both their feeders and their waters. The feeder also reduces feed spillage by using holes that the birds must stick their heads into to eat. This helps prevent spilling out feed. Where the birds use their beaks to push feed onto the ground of the coop.

Feeder Details: Large-capacity feeder for your flock. Made of strong, heavy-duty plastic. Easy to fill, thanks to the top-fill design and lid. Fill from the top and screw the lid on tightly to protect feed from the elements. Three legs are easily assembled to the base and keep the feeder off the ground. Feed Saver Ring minimizes spillage to prevents wasted food and is easily removed for cleaning. For chickens, ducks or other poultry.
Holds up to 45 lbs. of feed.
Large capacity feeder
Easy top-fill design with screw-on lid
Legs keep feeder off the ground
Easily removable Feed Saver ring minimizes spillage
Holds up to 45 lbs. of feed

Waterer Details: Best suited for adult birds. Made of strong, heavy-duty plastic. Top-fill design is easy to use. Valve in base controls water flow close when filling, then open to allow water to fill the base. For best results, set waterer on flat ground before filling. Accommodates between 80-100 chickens, also good for ducks or other poultry.
Holds up to 8 gallons of water.
Large capacity waterer accommodates between 80-100 chickens
Top-fill design Valve in base controls water flow
Can also be used for ducks or other poultry
Holds up to 8 gallons of water