GroGel Plus B (With Bacteria) For Baby Chicks

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Don't let the critical first hours of arrival pass by without nourishing each vulnerable and valuable hatchling.

GroGel fights the clock, easily and effectively.Gro Gel provides an easy means by which chicks and poults can receive immediate nutrition and hydration. A unique formulation, Gro Gel is tailored specifically for the limited amount a hatchling can eat and for the immature nature of its digestive tract.

This gel provides crucial nutrients in the most concentrated, digestible form:Water, Proteins (Amino Acids), Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Pro-biotic Bacteria. The pro-biotic bacteria help establish normal gut bacterial population. They help exclude many disease-causing bacteria by competing for attachment sites and nutrients, producing antimicrobial substances, and stimulating the immune response.

Directions: Mix with 100 ml of water (1/2 cup) and give to hatchlings inshipping boxes or upon arrival. Enough for 100 chicks or poults, 200pheasants or 400 quail chicks. Supply hatchlings with food and water within 24hours of gel administration. Use within (6) hours of mixing.