8ft long Wooden Chicken Run, Made in the USA

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This run is designed to attach easily to the Flock Fortress (PP-192). The wooden chicken run with galvanized fencing provides a safe outdoor area for your flock. It measures 8' L x 3' W x 3' H and provides 24 square feet of protected outdoor area for your birds to peck and scratch at. Coop not included.

  • Handmade in the USA out of MCA treated pine
  • The PVC coated, 20 gauge, galvanized, non-rusting hex fencing will keep all those pesky predators out for years to come
  • This durable large run spans 8’ by 3’ for room to scratch, with a weight of 60 pounds
  • Can attach to many constructed coops
  • Top and side hinged doors allow for easy access for feeding and watering your birds
  • Easily attaches to the Flock Fortress (PC-192)