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  • PH-252 Traffic C.O.P. Foot Pan Powder 18 lbs

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    Dry foot bath disinfectant to use with the foot bath pan. No need to add water or dilute. The active ingredient is a concentrated industrial grade chlorine. It is more abrasive to help in the removal of organic matter. 1/2" of material is all that is desired. Adding more powder will not increase the potency. Remove organic matter as necessary and fully change powder every two weeks.

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Unique blend of chlorine, deodorizers, silicates, amd acid impregnated zeolites designed for foot pans in poultry and swine facilities. It does not freeze or evaporate and is effective for approximately 2 weeks. It provides an easy, affordable way to clean footwear, while controlling moisture and ordor.
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Traffic C.O.P. Foot Pan Powder 18 lbs
Traffic C.O.P. Foot Pan Powder 18 lbs