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  • PH-101 Mason Jar Chick Feeder - Base Only

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    PH-101 Mason Jar Chick Feeder - Base Only has been discontinued. Only available while supplies last!Use your own canning jar to complete this feeder. Made out of quality galvanized steel right ere in the USA. Great for small birds and baby chicks. 5 inch diameter has eight openings. Rounded, embossed edges help reduce chafing on neck and head. Removable cover. Do not come with jars. These work great with our plastic jars. The large plastic jar holds 58 ounces and the small plastic jar holds 1 quart. These plastic jars do not break like glass mason jars when the baby chicks knock them over.

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  • $3.95

Gravity chick feeder comes fully assembled. Easy to fill and clean, it holds 1 quart of feed. The base is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel. Base includes eight feeding holes.
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Mason Jar Chick Feeder - Base Only
Mason Jar Chick Feeder - Base Only