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New and improved! We have rethought our baby chick starter kit to make it easier for you!!

This is the same brooder starter kit we have brought you for years but with a new focus on ease of use! Here is what is included and how we feel it will help you to succeed. Because making it easier for you to hatch and brood your chicks is what we want to do with this kit. This is for projects where you only need to brood your baby chicks. This works great for game birds too! For projects just needing brooding equipment. Includes (1) single lamp brooder w/ guard, (1) 250 watt infrared heat bulb, (1) brooder thermometer, 30 ft. roll of draft protection shield, (2) 1 gal. waterer with 2 no drown bases and 2 Wider Bases to use as your chicks grow, (1) baby chick bulk feeder, 1 Jar vitamin and electrolytes and the book Storeys' guide to Raising Poultry. See below for more detail.

Single Bulb Brooder - This is a 250W red bulb chicken brooder. Simply hang it about 18" above the ground and then fine tune it till you hit 95 degrees. You simply adjust the level of heat by raising or lowering the single bulb brooder.
250W Red Bulb - This is a 250W red bulb for your single bulb chicken brooder.
Brooder Thermometer - We provide a simple but effective thermometer. This makes it easy for you to make sure your birds are kept at 95 degrees after they hatch. Then every week after that you lower the temp by 5 degrees. This thermometer makes it easy to measure.
Waterers - This is one point where we have tried to make life easier. We have replaced our previous jars that had small openings to wide mouth gallon screw on jars. Bringing you easy to clean(easy to get your hand into a wide mouth jar) easy to fill(screw on lids are secure and easy to use) and since they are larger 1 gallon vs 1 quart it will be less filling, easier because it's less work! These come with both a no drown fount opening base and the regular base so they are perfect for baby chicks then you switch them to the wider base when they get a bit older and they want easier access to water.
Feeder - Once again we are trying to make life just a bit easier for you. We have now decided to put our baby chick bulk feeder in with our egg incubation starter kit. We did this because it's easier to fill and clean and harder for the chicks to make a mess of.
Vitamin and Electrolytes - We include a jar of vitamin electrolytes with an easy to use scoop for measuring. It uses one scoop per gallon. We have included 1 gallon waterers with this kit. So it will be one scoop per fill.. once again we are trying to make it easy!
Brooder Draft Guard - This is an easy to use containment for your baby chicks. All you need to do is make a circle with the cardboard draft guard and then put your chicks within the draft guard. Then they will have to stay grouped up by your brooder heat source.
Poultry Raising Book - We have included the excellent - Storey's Guide to Rasing Poultry. This book gives you all the tools you need to make you successful. Not only does it give great details on how to raise and hatch chickens but it talks about all types of poultry. So if your interests start to switch into other birds you will be prepared with this great book!
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Baby Chick Starter Kit
Baby Chick Starter Kit