Turken Chicks

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The Turken (Naked Neck) is a single comb, clean legged variety that originated in Eastern Europe. Do not let their appearance fool you, these are a wonderful dual purpose bird that is both heat tolerant and cold hardy. Tired of pulling all those chicken feathers when processing? Well Turkens have a reduced number of feathers on their body and no feathers around their neck. Multiple color varieties may be sent by hatcheries choice.

Egg color - Good producer of brown eggs.
Purpose - Dual
Weight: Female- 6.5 lb. Male 8.5 lb.
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Jo the turken
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 17, 2012
My Turken Jo is a great hen. I bought her about a month ago and she's great. I've wanted one for about 4 years and she hasent disappointed.
Ethan carder