Miniature Pilgrim Goose Eggs

Miniature Pilgrim Goose Eggs


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Out of Season

These are almost identical to the Standard-Size Pilgrims in that the mature males are mostly all white but have some grey in their wings. There can also be a little grey on their tails. The mature females are mostly all grey, but can have some white splotches on their faces. Also, like their larger counterparts, the sexes are easily distinguished at day old. Excellent to have in those smaller areas where larger geese might not have enough room. Mini Pilgrims are good layers, good setters, and both sexes make excellent parents. Order very early as our supply is very limited.

Incubation instructions are included with the goose eggs as they can be more difficult to hatch than other types of eggs.
You must order a minimum of 5 of these goose eggs.

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