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  • PP-266 250 pk - Printed Egg Carton, Farm Fresh

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    These Stromberg's exclusive egg cartons will make you the star of the local farmer's market! Advertise that your eggs are fresh, hand gathered, and come from happy hens! Made from recycled materials. Biodegradable.

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We have the perfect addition to your egg line up with our Farm Fresh Cartons! Designed with quality in mind, these durable cartons will last many uses and will safely hold up to 12 eggs. Made from recycled pulp, cartons are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Our exclusive, Farm Fresh design on the carton is eye catching and filled with rustic charm. These egg cartons are an excellent choice if you want to be the hit at the farmer's market!
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250 pk - Printed Egg Carton, Farm Fresh
250 pk - Printed Egg Carton, Farm Fresh