Scrusher Big Boot Cleaner

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PH-256 Scrusher Big Boot Cleaner has been discontinued. Only available while supplies last!
Here's everything you've come to expect from the original Scrusher boot cleanter but specially sized and designed to take on the biggest boots in the toughest situations. The extra sturdy steel frame has been hand-welded to withstand the heaviest workload for years to come. In fact, we guarantee it with a full five-year warranty.The replaceable brushes are designed to completely clean even the dirtiest boots! Both are set to let the dirt fall through, so that your Big Boot Scrusher stays clog-free. Use the portable Big Boot Scrusher anywhere there are big or little feet coming in from a hard day's work or play. Not only will it keep your floors free of dirt, mud and slush, it's also the easy way to clean expensive boots to ensure longer wear.
Sized to effectively clean the biggest boots
Durable weather-resistant UV powder coated finish
Five-year warranty on steel frame
No assembly required right from the box to your door
Rubber stoppers protect floors and prevent slipping
Replacement brushes available
Bottom bristles made of stiff nylon to thoroughly clean soles removing the stickiest clay soil from even heavy treads Softer side bristles clean the upper shoe without damaging the leather
Portable, pick it up and use it anywhere
All Scrusher boot brush products are made and assembled in the USA.
DimensionsProduct Dimensions: Length: 20.3" Width: 6.8" Height: 6.8" Weight: 9lbs.