1" Deep Single Mat System

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SaniStride® mat systems are designed to easily deliver disinfectant to the bottoms and treads of shoes and boots. They
are simple to use and are proven to be an effective in the reducing the spread of the germs. Just add the sanitizer of your
choice (not included) and place in your heavy trafficked routes. We recommend charging each 1″ Stride insert with 1-1.5
gal and the ½” Stride insert with 0.8-1.2 gal of non-sudsing Quaternary shoe sanitizer to help avoid slipping when exiting
the mat. Chlorine products are not to be used in the mat system as they will stain and deteriorate the insert and rubber
base mat. 

The SaniStride® Single Mat System comes with a dark gray double-sided carpet along with the base mat.
The SST-10 model is 1" deep.
Outer dimensions of rubber mat base are 39"L x 23"W x 1 1/16" H.
Inner dimensions are 34"L x 18"W x 1"D. 

Due to the possibility of contamination after receipt by the customer, all sales are final.