Swan Feeder

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Weather-resistant and rustproof feeder designed to fill quickly from the top and will automatically dispense food. Our product is adapted for use as a swan feeder, boasting a generous capacity of 25 lbs, providing ample space to store an appropriate quantity of feed while minimizing wastage. Swans typically consume approximately 5 pounds of food daily. It allows you to deliver this amount conveniently to your swans.

How to Use This Swan Feeder

  • Place it on a vertical metal pole or fence post in the water approximately 2 to 3 feet from the bank, with at least 15" from the bottom of the feeder to the surface of the water. 
  • Use a 1:1 mixture of cracked corn and laying poultry pellets or crumbles.

Note: Pole and hardware are not included with this product.

Offering a diverse range of dietary options is essential for maintaining a proper diet for your swans. Our swan feeder will work with all kinds of swans, including Whooper Swans. You can’t find a better deal on the market.