Leg Bands & Accessories

Chicken leg bands are an effective way to keep chickens apart from each other. They also help prevent chicken cannibalism. Buy them at Strombergs!


Chicken Leg Bands

While using bits on a chicken’s beak during the first 12 weeks of life trains them to not peck each other, banding your poultry lasts for a lifetime and helps you identify the birds. Leg bands are a quick and easy way to identify your birds, and our wide variety of bands for chickens and other poultry gives you the options you need to create an easy-to-use system for keeping track of your flocks.

At Stromberg’s, our set of poultry bands includes the following:

  • Packs of 100 aluminum bands in a range of sizes to fit veritably every type of chicken and game bird
  • Packs of 25 bandettes in an array of colors
  • Packs of 50 plastic bands available in an array of colors

The selection of leg band options offers seven sizes in more than ten colors.

Poultry Leg Bands

Identifying breeding stock, monitoring the ages of birds, and identifying specific birds for medical care are just a few uses for leg bands. They provide a simple, non-intrusive way to monitor your birds' health and well-being.

Shop at Stromberg’s for Poultry Bands

Shop Stromberg's selection of comfortable, pain-free poultry leg bands that are simple to fit. We also offer the tools needed, like banding pliers, to apply the bands on the legs properly and securely.