2024 Sealed Pigeon Bands - Pack of 25

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Pigeons cannot be entered in shows without bands that fully seal around their leg marking their age.

These are applied when the bird reaches 6-10 days of age. You apply the band by bending the pigeons toe then fitting it around the leg. After 10 days the toe fully forms and you cannot bend it any longer. This makes the application of the sealed band permanent so you cannot swap them later. They are marked with a year so you can tell how old the bird is.

We record the numbers with your information just in case the bird is lost we can then contact you.

Bands for next year cannot be supplied until after January 1. These bands are available in sizes 5(8mm), 6 (9mm), and 7(10mm). Seamless PLASTIC. These are National Pigeon Association bands. These do NOT come in metal. Colors change each year. These are in packs of twenty five.

2024 color is Blue.