8 oz Permectrin II

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This is a long-lasting concentrated spray containing 10% permethrin. It’s very effective against lice, mites, mosquitoes, and ticks, including deer ticks. The concentrate must be diluted before use. Ensure you treat your birds with mites thoroughly once and after 10-14 days.

Why Permectrin II?

  • Can be used directly on birds as a premise spray 
  • Provides up to 30 days of residual effect against pests 
  • Safe for all birds older than eight weeks and laying hens 
  • Has minimal insecticide odor 
  • Convenient application as a high or low-pressure spray 
  • For premise applications, you can use a mist compressor or power fogger with water or oil as a carrier
  • Economical and easy to use since it mixes easily 
  • Can be used as a spray, dip, or on a back-rubber

Administration Tips

Mix and apply the solution to pest-breeding areas. Do this following the rates shown on the dilution chart.

For Poultry use, mix the insecticide in 12.5 gallons or 1 quarter in 50 gallons of water and spray ½ oz per bird or 1 gallon per 100 birds.