Waterfowl Books

We are pleased to offer among the largest collections of specialty books on waterfowl available anywhere including a number of hard to find small press books that typically aren't available in bookstores, book web sites or other catalogs.

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  • The Book of Geese

    The Book of Geese

    Item No. BOG

    Availability: In Stock

    Basic enough for the hobbyist, yet comprehensive enough for commercial raisers. Includes info on: breeds, incubation,...

  • Call Duck Breed Book

    Call Duck Breed Book

    Item No. CALL

    Availability: In Stock

    History and origin, breeding the Call duck, feed preferences, sexing ducklings, pinioning & clipping, call duck...

  • Canadian Honker Bulletin

    Canadian Honker Bulletin

    Item No. CB

    Availability: In Stock

    A brief bulletin on raising Canadian Honkers. Helps you with feed, housing, breeding. Instructions on pinioning....

  • Call & Other Bantam Ducks

    Call & Other Bantam Ducks

    Item No. COBD

    Availability: Out of Stock

    Provides info on housing, feeding, breeding, brooding, and showing of call ducks. Also includes info on bantam breeds...

  • Ducks and Geese: A Guide to Management

    Ducks and Geese: A Guide to Management

    Item No. DG

    Availability: In Stock

    Descriptions on housing, equipment, incubation, rearing, and routine management. Also covers showing, handling,...

  • Ducks and Geese at Home

    Ducks and Geese at Home

    Item No. DGH

    Availability: In Stock

    A practical guide to rearing and keeping domestic waterfowl. Discusses choosing a breed, breeding, hatching, vermin...

  • Ducks Geese and Turkeys, For Anyone

    Ducks Geese and Turkeys, For Anyone

    Item No. DGT

    Availability: In Stock

    By Victoria Roberts. Hard cover, 128 pp, many color photos.

  • Domestic Geese

    Domestic Geese

    Item No. DOMG
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    Availability: In Stock

    Book is divided into four sections: Breeds (origins, developments, newcomers); setting up (exhibiting, table birds,...

  • Great Gallery of Ducks

    Great Gallery of Ducks

    Item No. GGD

    Availability: Out of Season

    Author: Alan Birkbeck. Soft cover, 63 pg., color photos, b/w photos & illustrations. This is a good beginners guide...

  • Guide to Raising Ducks

    Guide to Raising Ducks

    Item No. GRD

    Availability: In Stock

    Dave Holderread provides the information you need to raise ducks successfully, covering everything from choosing the...

  • Guide to Ducks and Geese

    Guide to Ducks and Geese

    Item No. GUIDEDG

    Availability: In Stock

    Over 90 glorious color photos of North American waterfowl, including breeding plumage of male and female ducks....

  • Hobby Farm Ducks

    Hobby Farm Ducks

    Item No. HFD

    Availability: In Stock

    Great management information on breeds, begavior housing, health, breeding, incubation and online resources for those...

  • The Mandarin Duck

    The Mandarin Duck

    Item No. MAND

    Availability: Out of Stock

    Color photos, including Mandarin drake, hen and ducklings. Helpful information for the hobbyist: habitat...

  • Modern Waterfowl Management

    Modern Waterfowl Management

    Item No. MWFM

    Availability: In Stock

    Comprehensive guide for raising all ducks, geese and swans. Most of the domestic breeds are discussed. Ducks and...

  • Guide to Pheasants and Waterfowl, Their Management, Care and Breeding

    Guide to Pheasants and Waterfowl, Their Management, Care and Breeding

    Item No. PAW

    Availability: In Stock

    Covering all aspects of caring, housing, managing, and breeding pheasants and waterfowl, this Australian Birdkeeper...

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