Waterfowl Books

We are pleased to offer among the largest collections of specialty books on waterfowl available anywhere including a number of hard to find small press books that typically aren't available in bookstores, book web sites or other catalogs.

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  • The Book of Geese

    The Book of Geese

    As of right now this book is out of print. There are plans to reprint but we do not want to take orders until we have a date for restock. Basic enough for the hobbyist, yet comprehensive enough for commercial raisers. Includes info on: breeds, incubation, rearing, health problems and managing the adult flock. - Twelve informative chapters covering the usefulness of geese, their...
    Out of Season
  • Call Duck Breed Book

    Call Duck Breed Book

    History and origin, breeding the Call duck, feed preferences, sexing ducklings, pinioning & clipping, call duck showmanship.Color section & many new photos. by dr. C. Darrel Sheraw, ABA & APA Licensed Judge. Softcover 163 pages.

  • Canadian Honker Bulletin

    Canadian Honker Bulletin

    A brief bulletin on raising Canadian Honkers. Helps you with feed, housing, breeding. Instructions on pinioning. Author: Loyl Stromberg. Soft cover, 4 pg., b/w illustrations.
  • Ducks and Geese: A Guide to Management

    Ducks and Geese: A Guide to Management

    Descriptions on housing, equipment, incubation, rearing, and routine management. Also covers showing, handling, sexing, diseases, popular and rare breeds. Author: Tom Bartlett. Hard cover, 110 pg., b/w photos.

  • Ducks and Geese at Home

    Ducks and Geese at Home

    A practical guide to rearing and keeping domestic waterfowl. Discusses choosing a breed, breeding, hatching, vermin control, and diseases. Author: Michael Roberts. Soft cover, 55 pg., b/w photos & illustrations.
  • Ducks Geese and Turkeys, For Anyone

    Ducks Geese and Turkeys, For Anyone

    By Victoria Roberts. Hard cover, 128 pp, many color photos.

  • Domestic Geese Book

    Domestic Geese Book

    Book is divided into four sections: Breeds (origins, developments, newcomers); setting up (exhibiting, table birds, stock); management of adult stock (needs, behavior); breeding (breeding season, incubation, rearing). Also covers diseases and ailments. Very good reference book. Author: Chris Ashton. Hard cover, 192 pg., color & b/w photos.
  • Guide to Raising Ducks

    Guide to Raising Ducks

    Dave Holderread provides the information you need to raise ducks successfully, covering everything from choosing the right breeds (including rare breeds and hybrid ducks) to breeding and rearing practices, feeding, housing, health care, butchering, and much more. This thoroughly revised and updated second edition includes coverage of more breeds plus expanded information on facilities for...

  • Hobby Farm Ducks

    Hobby Farm Ducks

    Great management information on breeds, begavior housing, health, breeding, incubation and online resources for those lovable ducks. Written by Cherie Langlois. Hard cover. 160 pages with many color photos.
  • Modern Waterfowl Management

    Modern Waterfowl Management

    Comprehensive guide for raising all ducks, geese and swans. Most of the domestic breeds are discussed. Ducks and geese are discussed in more detail than swans. Author: Oscar Grow. Hard cover, 359 pg., b/w photos & illustrations.

  • Raising Ducks and Geese

    Raising Ducks and Geese

    Basic information on incubating, brooding, feed, shelter, sanitation, and controlling your ducks & geese. Author: John M. Vivian. Soft cover, 31 pg., b/w illustrations.
  • Swan Breeding and Management

    Swan Breeding and Management

    Description of various species of swans. Also covers care, breeding, incubation, pinioning, feeding, sexing, diseases and transporting. Now Spiral Bound. Author: Loyl Stromberg. Soft cover, 95 pg., color photos and b/w photos, illustrations.

  • The Domestic Duck Book

    The Domestic Duck Book

    Most domesticated ducks are descended from the wild mallard, and over the centuries many different breeds have been created. They have been kept as pets or for their ornamental value, or have been farmed for their meat, eggs, and down. Chris and Mike Ashton explain how these breeds have been developed and how to look after them. They cover the different breeds, detailing their origins and...
  • Wood Duck Bulletin

    Wood Duck Bulletin

    Description of Wood Ducks, nesting, pinioning, precautions against predators. Diagram of a nest box is also in the booklet. Stromberg Service Bulletin. Authors: Loyl and Janet Stromberg. Soft cover, 8 pg., b/w illustrations.