Videos and Posters

  • Beginners Guide to Raising & Showing Chickens DVD

    Beginners Guide to Raising & Showing Chickens DVD

    12 chapters, including choosing chicks; flock care; showing chickens & 4H poultry showmanship; butchering and common disease interventions-both organic and conventional treatments. 2006 Edition DVD, color 90 min Allison MacLeod presents well researched info
  • Embryology Poster Set

    Embryology Poster Set

    Three separate sections with great photos of a chick embryo in development and hatching. Each section is 21" x 7" and has selected days showing an embryo in transition to a chick.

  • Poultry at Home VHS

    Poultry at Home VHS

    A beginners guide to poultry health & management, using 50 rare pure breeds to illustrate the various points. Includes choosing your breed, housing, handling, predators, feed & digestion, disease & parasites, breeding & sexing, candling eggs, and rearing chicks. Authors: Michael & Victoria Roberts. Video, 45 min. Only available in VHS
  • Regarding Chickens DVD

    Regarding Chickens DVD

    A comprehensive guide to rearing healthy free range chickens. Excellent section on incubation, use of incubators, care of hatching eggs, candling. Also covers brooding chicks, feeding, housing and caring for adult stock. Bonus material on table egg grading and poultry showing. Frederick Dunn author/presenter. Color, 2 hrs. 51 min.