Turkey Books

  • Guide to Raising Turkeys

    Guide to Raising Turkeys

    Here is everything you need to know to raise turkeys successfully, from selecting the right breeds to housing, feeding, breeding, health care, marketing, and much more. This all-new edition of the best-selling classic covers a wide range of breeds, humane raising practices, pastured feeding methods, organic certification standards, and on-farm processing guidelines. Covers selecting a breed,...
  • Turkeys at Home

    Turkeys at Home

    Compreshensive book on history, breeding, rearing, management, & diseases for the small scale producer. Description of plumage colors of different breeds poults/adults. Author: Michael Roberts. Soft cover, 58 pg., color photos; b/w photos, illustrations.

  • Turkeys a Guide to Management

    Turkeys a Guide to Management

    The author provides all the technical & practical pointers necessary for raising turkeys. Topics covered include breeds & breeding, brooding, equipment, incubation, structure of the bird, feed, diseases & common ailments, production, and exhibiting among others. Author: David C. Bland. Hard cover, 128 pg., b/w photos & illustrations. This book has been discontinued by the publisher.
  • Wild Turkey Biology and Management

    Wild Turkey Biology and Management

    - A National Wild Turkey Federation and U.S. Forest Service book. - Standard reference for all subspecies. - Extensive, new information on all aspects of wild turkey ecology and management The standard reference for all subspecies--Eastern, Gould's, Merriam's, Florida and Rio Grande--The Wild Turkey summarizes the new technologies and studies leading to better understanding and...