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  • Angora Rabbit Farming

    Angora Rabbit Farming

    Item No. ARF

    Availability: Out of Season

    Basic information on angora housing, feeding, breeding, clipping & spinning wool, management, marketing and selling....

  • Guide to Raising Rabits

    Guide to Raising Rabits

    Item No. GRR
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    Availability: In Stock

    Book discusses breeds, feed & management, housing, disease, showing and more. Also some equipment plans are included....

  • How to Start a Commercial Rabbitry

    How to Start a Commercial Rabbitry

    Item No. HSCR

    Availability: In Stock

    History of rabbit raising, equipment & building needed, where to locate, breeds to choose, feeds breeding, marketing,...

  • Modern Commercial Rabit Farming

    Modern Commercial Rabit Farming

    Item No. MCRF

    Availability: Out of Stock

    This book discusses reasons to raise rabbits, foundation stock, housing, feed, feeding, breeding, management,...

  • Building Rabbit Housing

    Building Rabbit Housing

    Item No. RH

    Availability: In Stock

    Booklet tells how to construct housing, nest boxes, carrying cage, and furnish it with feeders & waterers. Contains...

  • Your Rabbit

    Your Rabbit

    Item No. YR

    Availability: In Stock

    This book is written for beginners- both children and adults. Covers choosing and handling your rabbit, housing,...