Non-Poultry Livestock Books

  • Backyard Livestock

    Backyard Livestock

    Information on raising your own chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, sheep, goats, pigs, veal, and beef. Helps with housing, diseases, manure, instructions for a homemade incubator, tanning hides. All up to date information about raising healthy food. Author: Steven Thomas, revised by George P. Looby, DVM. Soft cover, 229 pg., b/w illustrations & diagrams.
  • Guide to Raising Dairy Goats

    Guide to Raising Dairy Goats

    Covers individual breeds, breeding & kidding, feed, housing, dairying, health care & disease prevention. Author: Jerry Belanger. Soft cover, 283 pg., b/w illustrations - 2001.

  • Guide to Raising Sheep

    Guide to Raising Sheep

    Covers different breeds, breeding & lambing, causes & treatment of disease, feed, predators & protection, and other topics. Author: Paula Simmons & Carol Ekarius. Soft cover, 389 pg., b/w photos & illustrations - 2001.
  • Hobby Farms Goats

    Hobby Farms Goats

    Soft cover 160 pgs. By Sue Weaver. Excellent reference book for those of us raising goats for pleasure. Choosing the right goats for you, health section, housing & feeding, behavior. Making money with goats & raising "kids" section also. Color photographs thoughout.

  • Hobby Farms Sheep

    Hobby Farms Sheep

    Great book for the small hobbyist with information on purchasing the right sheep, housing feeding & guarding, behavior & handling. Useful health section covering most afflictions & resource directory. Color photos throughout. Soft cover 160 pgs. By Sue Weaver.
  • Keeping Livestock Healthy

    Keeping Livestock Healthy

    This book has information on large animals- horses, cattle, pigs, goats and sheep. No information on poultry. It emphasizes the importance of good care for your livestock and can help you recognize problems. Chapters address specific problems, reproduction, nutrition and health. Author: N. Bruce Haynes, DVM. Soft cover, 344 pg., b/w photos & illustrations.

  • Raising Milk Goats Successfully

    Raising Milk Goats Successfully

    Book covers getting started, housing, rations, management, breeding, health care, trouble shooting, as well as other topics. Author: Gaiil Luttmann. Soft cover, 172 pg., b/w photos & illustrations.
  • Raising Pigs Successfully

    Raising Pigs Successfully

    Introduces the pig, housing, management & feeding, butchering. Author: Kathy & Bob Kellogg. Soft cover, 192 pg., b/w photos & diagrams.

  • Sheep Raiser's Manual

    Sheep Raiser's Manual

    Tells about all aspects of sheep raising, fencing, housing, grazing management, nutrition, nutritional requirements and many other topics. Author: William K. Kruesi. Soft cover, 288 pg., b/w photos & illustrations.
  • Your Goat

    Your Goat

    This book tells how to choose, buy, raise, milk, and show all types of goats. Also has common goat problems and keeping your goat healthy. Author: Gail Damerow. Soft cover, 172 pg., b/w photos & diagrams.

  • Your Sheep

    Your Sheep

    For the beginner. Describes feeding, health care, treatment, shearing, breeding, and showing. Author: Paula Simmons, Darrell L. Salsbury, DVM. Soft cover, 120 pg., b/w photos, illustrations.