Miscellaneous Books

  • Beekeeping: A Practical Guide

    Beekeeping: A Practical Guide

    Book covers beekeeping history, getting started, describes bees and their lives, management, diseases, pests, and predators. Author: Richard E. Bonney. Soft cover, 184 pg., b/w illustrations.
  • Blue Bird Book

    Blue Bird Book

    The complete guide to attracting these lovely birds. Soft cover, 96 pp. Beautiful color photos.

  • Back To Basics

    Back To Basics

    Rediscover the pleasure and challenges of a healthier, greener, and more self-sufficient lifestyle. A complete guide to traditional skills., buying and working land, generating your own energy. Raising livestock, enjoying your harvest, household skills, crafts, and making treats such as peach jam and cheddar cheese. Convert trailer frames, greenhouses and backyard sheds to poultry housing, as...
  • Building Traps & Snares

    Building Traps & Snares

    This book talks about the different types of traps suitable for trapping different animals. Some of the traps mentioned are the lever action, runaway clutch, box, cage traps and many more. The construction of many traps are diagrammed. Author: Burt/Munro/Massey/Stromberg. Soft cover, 58 pg., b/w photos & illustrations.

  • Coyote Trapping

    Coyote Trapping

    Covers all aspects of coyote trapping. Author is a professional trapper and instructor. The methods described in the book are tried and tested. Author: Tom Miranda. Soft cover, 94 pg., b/w photos.
  • Encyclopedia of County Living

    Encyclopedia of County Living

    One-of-a-Kind Guide for great recipes, How to do it info (including building chicken coops) and raising poultry. By Carla Emery, Fully revised 9th edition. Soft Cover, 864 pp., 300 Illus.

  • Earth Ponds - Mattson

    Earth Ponds - Mattson

    Description of the cabin pond- construction and maintenance, pond sculpture, pond care, how to buy a used pond (reviving on old pond). Pond culture resources. Author : Tim Matson. Soft cover, 150 pg., b/w photos.
  • Earth Ponds Sourcebook

    Earth Ponds Sourcebook

    A huge growth of interest in ponds and aquaculture has spawned a wealth of new materials, techniques and suppliers. Tells where to buy kits, which designs are best for wildlife and gardeners. Author: Tim Matson. Soft cover, 171 pg., b/w photos & illustrations.

  • Fox Trapping

    Fox Trapping

    Chapters on locating the fox and getting permission to trap. The best traps, care, adjustment, storage, equipment, lures and their use. Fur handling and marketing. Author is a professional trapper. Author: Tom Miranda. Soft cover, 78 pg., b/w photos & illustrations.
  • Homesteading: A Backyard Guide

    Homesteading: A Backyard Guide

    Improve your life from a 'green' perspective, raising chickens, ducks and turkeys. Also has info on gardening, home canning, making candles, soaps and lotions, using rainwater, and many other homesteading ideas. Edited by A.R. Gehring. Hard cover 464 pages 1,000 color photos and illustrations. 2009.

  • Modern Vermin Control

    Modern Vermin Control

    Describes what vermin are, what the law says, preventing the problem. Different methods of controlling various vermin. Author: Michael Roberts. Soft cover, 52 pg., few color photos, b/w photos & illustrations.
  • Purple Martin

    Purple Martin

    This book has all the information Martin enthusiasts want. It has information necessary to acquaint the reader with the Martin and to instruct in the proper way of establishing his own Martin "summer resort" and attracting the "skeeter-eaters" to his lawn and garden. Author: J.L. Wade. Soft cover, 239 pg., b/w photos.

  • Self Sufficiency

    Self Sufficiency

    This is a complete guide to baking, carpentry, crafts, organic gardening, preserving your harvest, raising animals and much more. A fully illustrated book to provide the entire family with information for a self-sufficient living. Edited by A>R> Gehring. Hard cover. 458 pp. Over 1000 color illus. 2010.
  • Simpler Living

    Simpler Living

    Divided into sections for easy reference, this book will show you ways to eliminate stress in your home, personal life, and professional life. A guide to cleaning, furnishing, storing, de-cluttering, streamlining, organizing and much more. By Jeff Davidson. Hard cover. 438 pp. Over 1000 color illus.

  • The Complete Book of Tanning Skins and Furs

    The Complete Book of Tanning Skins and Furs

    This book has comprehensive information, easy to follow instructions on do-it-yourself tanning. Tools and equipment are listed and described. Easy reference for tanning many different animal hides. Author: James Churchill. Hard cover, 197 pg., b/w photos.
  • Tan Your Hide

    Tan Your Hide

    Pros and cons of home tanning. Details equipment needed, tanning & dyeing fur, tanning & dyeing leather, deodorizing. Also has two old tanning recipes and projects. Author: Phyllis Hobson. Soft cover, 135 pg., b/w photos & diagrams.