• Dial Thermometer Hygrometer 3018

    Dial Thermometer Hygrometer 3018

    It has a 3.5" stem which can be inserted through a 5/32" hole to permit reading of temperature form outside of the incubator. The 2" dial permits easy accurate reading. It is graduated in one degree points from 25 to 125 degrees.Can also be used as a hygrometer to measure wet bulb readings. Includes wick and instructions to convert wet bulb readings to relative humidity.
  • Incubator Thermometer

    Incubator Thermometer

    This thermometer is sold with all Hova-Bator Incubators, but it will work with all types of incubators. This lightweight thermometer is designed to be placed directly on top of the eggs, which will give you an egg level temperature reading. Has both F and C scales, range is 60 to 120F. Measures 3.5" X 6.5"

  • Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer: Pen Type

    Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer: Pen Type

    Pen type digital thermometer/hygrometer. Humidity range 10% to 90%. Has auto power off to save on battery or can convert to non-sleep modes for continuous readings. 5.43 in.(W) x 0.91 in.(H) x 0.79 in.(D). Will fit into most of our incubators including the Styrofoam and cabinet models. AAA battery included for about 150 hrs. of use. (-10 deg. C to 50 deg. C) with +/- 1 deg. F...
  • Digital Incubator Hygrometer

    Digital Incubator Hygrometer

    Compact, easy to read. Temperature choice of F or C, and humidity is displayed as a percentage. Min/Max recorded. Temperature accuracy has not been tested.

  • Temperature Humidity Logger for Incubation

    Temperature Humidity Logger for Incubation

    If you are looking to gain better understanding of your hatch results this is the tool that you need. You activate it by plugging it into your computer. Then you place it in the incubator and it will record the temperature and humidity at the intervals that you set. When you would like to see what the recordings have been you simply plug it into your computer and it will graph out your...