• Digital Incubator Hygrometer

    Digital Incubator Hygrometer

    Compact, easy to read. Temperature choice of F or C, and humidity is displayed as a percentage. Min/Max recorded. Temperature accuracy has not been tested.
  • Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer: Pen Type

    Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer: Pen Type

    Pen type digital thermometer/hygrometer. Humidity range 10% to 90%. Has auto power off to save on battery or can convert to non-sleep modes for continuous readings. 5.43 in.(W) x 0.91 in.(H) x 0.79 in.(D). Will fit into most of our incubators including the Styrofoam and cabinet models. AAA battery included for about 150 hrs. of use. (-10 deg. C to 50 deg. C) with +/- 1 deg. F...

  • High Accuracy Thermometer Hygrometer

    High Accuracy Thermometer Hygrometer

    Designed especially for testing humidity and temperature in incubators. Compact plastic frame with embossed chart on base. These engraved thermometers are highly accurate. The wick on the wet bulb extends into the water cup through a hole on top of the reservoir. Place blue base flat on incubator floor. Fits most incubators. This is the wet bulb/dry bulb technique. Includes the...
  • Deluxe Hygrometer

    Deluxe Hygrometer

    The wet bulb thermometer known as a hygrometer is absolutely essential to maintain correct moisture, so essential for high percentage hatches. Incubator instructions consistently stress the importance of watching humidity. 10" long x 4"w. Designed for larger cabinet incubators

  • Deluxe Hygrometer Replacement Tube

    Deluxe Hygrometer Replacement Tube

    Replacement water tube for the deluxe hygrometer.
  • Dial Thermometer Hygrometer 3018

    Dial Thermometer Hygrometer 3018

    It has a 3.5" stem which can be inserted through a 5/32" hole to permit reading of temperature form outside of the incubator. The 2" dial permits easy accurate reading. It is graduated in one degree points from 25 to 125 degrees.Can also be used as a hygrometer to measure wet bulb readings. Includes wick and instructions to convert wet bulb readings to relative humidity.



    WK1 - 7/16" Fits RX2, TX7, DT3018 and HAHT. Sold by the foot - enter the number of feet in the box, then select add to cart.


    WK2 - 5/16" Fits TX6 and HY6294. Sold by the foot - enter the number of feet in the box, then select add to cart.