Guinea and Pea Fowl Books

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  • Guinea Fowl

    Guinea Fowl

    Item No. GF

    Availability: In Stock

    An excellent book about guinea fowl. Covers every area of guinea fowl management: breeding, hatching, rearing,...

  • Guineas of the World Poster

    Guineas of the World Poster

    Item No. GP1

    Availability: In Stock

    An 11"x17" laminated poster with 20 guinea breeds pictured in color.

  • Guinea Fowl Past and Present

    Guinea Fowl Past and Present

    Item No. GPP

    Availability: In Stock

    Has color photos of many guinea varieties. Info on housing & equipment, breeding, incubation, health precautions....

  • Gardening with Guineas

    Gardening with Guineas

    Item No. GWG

    Availability: In Stock

    Book covers the life of a guinea from egg to adult. It talks about reasons for raising guineas, what you need to know...

  • Peafowl Breeding and Management

    Peafowl Breeding and Management

    Item No. PBM

    Availability: Out of Season

    Book describes peafowl history, breeding, incubation, housing, feeding, diseases, different breeds and sexing...

  • Let's Get Started Raising Peafowl

    Let's Get Started Raising Peafowl

    Item No. SRPF

    Availability: In Stock

    This book is perfect for beginners. It contains an abundance of information for the experienced poultry owner who...