Guinea and Pea Fowl Books

  • Guinea Fowl Book

    Guinea Fowl Book

    An excellent book about guinea fowl. Covers every area of guinea fowl management: breeding, hatching, rearing, feeding, housing, marketing, cooking. Author: Van Hoesen/Stromberg. Soft cover, 88 pages, black and white photos and illustrations.
  • Guineas of the World Poster

    Guineas of the World Poster

    An 11"x17" laminated poster with 20 guinea breeds pictured in color.

  • Guinea Fowl Past and Present

    Guinea Fowl Past and Present

    Has color photos of many guinea varieties. Info on housing & equipment, breeding, incubation, health precautions. Soft cover 41 pages, 18 color pages.
  • Gardening with Guineas

    Gardening with Guineas

    Book covers the life of a guinea from egg to adult. It talks about reasons for raising guineas, what you need to know before buying, working with keets, how to handle common problems, equipment needs and much more. It is written in an entertaining way that makes you want to go out and purchase guineas. Author: Jeannette S. Ferguson. Soft cover, 131 pg., b/w photos.
    Out of Season

  • Peafowl Breeding and Management

    Peafowl Breeding and Management

    Book describes peafowl history, breeding, incubation, housing, feeding, diseases, different breeds and sexing information. Author: Loyl Stromberg. Soft cover, 80 pg., color & b/w photos. Now spiral bound.
    Out of Season
  • Let's Get Started Raising Peafowl

    Let's Get Started Raising Peafowl

    This book is perfect for beginners. It contains an abundance of information for the experienced poultry owner who might want to add peafowl to their flock. The book covers housing, feeding, breeding and maintaining healthy birds. There are tips on incubation processes that should boost the chances for a successful hatch rate, detailed treatment suggestions for common illness and injuries and...