Game Bird Books

  • Upland Gamebirds Book

    Upland Gamebirds Book

    Revised, updated health and disease section. Offers info on basics for breeding, feeding, brooding. Also has listing of state diagnostic labs. Includes individual sections on 15 species of partridge, 15 species of pheasant (including Jungle Fowl), 5 species of wild turkey and 5 species of guinea fowl. Author: Leland Hayes. Soft cover, 360 pg., color & b/w photos.
  • Raising Gamebirds - D.W. SCHEID

    Raising Gamebirds - D.W. SCHEID

    Written for the sportsman hobbyist and small game bird farmer, this is a complete how to do it book. The only book of its kind available, Raising Game Birds gives you the necessary information to raise upland birds and waterfowl for sport or profit. In addition, the book has chapters on land management for game birds and an introductory lesson in game preserve management. If you're raising...

  • Raising Gamebirds

    Raising Gamebirds

    Description on different breeds of chicks, hatching, financing, housing, feeding, diseases, and sexing. Author: Mavis & Monty Harper. Soft cover. 32 pages, black and white illustrations.
  • Facts on Raising Gamebirds

    Facts on Raising Gamebirds

    Covers incubating, brooding, start & growing, debeaking, common diseases are covered in the book. Compact but informative. Has specific information on these following species: Bobwhite quail, Coturnix quail, Ringneck pheasants, Chukars. Spiral bound, 3rd edition. 1993 Author: Dianne Tumey. Soft cover, 67 pg., b/w & color illustrations.

  • A Closer Look at Button Quail

    A Closer Look at Button Quail

    A good reference book for raising button quail. Twelve chapeters cover basic genetics, breeding, incubation, housing, feed, diseases, injuries, color mutations and much more. Written by Jodi Mcdonald. Soft cover, 276 pp. color photos.
  • Chinese Painted Quail

    Chinese Painted Quail

    Book describes the button quail, basic care, breeding, housing & care of button quail. Some common diseases and parasites are listed. Author: Leland B. Hayes, Ph.D. Soft cover, 161 pg., b/w photos with a few color photos.

  • Introduction to Ornamental Pheasants

    Introduction to Ornamental Pheasants

    Basic info on choosing a species, management, feeding care. Also a chapter on building aviaries. Author: K.C.R. Howman. Hard cover, 122 pg., color & b/w photos.
  • Introduction to Quail in Captivity

    Introduction to Quail in Captivity

    This book is designed to give the beginner basic guidance into the requirements to keep healthy birds. Specific breeds are talked about. Author: G.E.S. Robbins. Soft cover, 16 pg., b/w photos & diagrams.

  • Ornamental Pheasants for Beginners

    Ornamental Pheasants for Beginners

    Color photos of over 48 pheasant breeds with short avicultural information on each species. Also covers aviary design, incubation, brooding and health issues. By R. Deeley. Soft cover, 118 pp.
  • Quail Manual

    Quail Manual

    This book is for the new breeder/grower of quail. Covers breeding, incubation, brooding, feed, preparing for market primarily for Coturnix quail but techniques are applicable to US native quail species. Author: Albert F. Marsh. Soft cover, 54 pages, black and white photos and diagrams.

  • Raising Bobwhite Quail for Commercial Use

    Raising Bobwhite Quail for Commercial Use

    Produced by Clemson University for the hobbyist. basic info on managing breeding flock, disease prevention, incubation, brooding, compact booklet. Soft cover, 42 pp. b/w photos.