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  • Upland Gamebirds

    Upland Gamebirds

    Item No. UG

    Availability: In Stock

    Revised, updated health and disease section. Offers info on basics for breeding, feeding, brooding. Also has listing...

  • Raising Gamebirds - D.W. SCHEID

    Raising Gamebirds - D.W. SCHEID

    Item No. RG2

    Availability: In Stock

    Written for the sportsman hobbyist and small game bird farmer, this is a complete how to do it book. The only book...

  • Raising Gamebirds

    Raising Gamebirds

    Item No. RG1

    Availability: In Stock

    Description on different breeds of chicks, hatching, financing, housing, feeding, diseases, and sexing....

  • Facts on Raising Gamebirds

    Facts on Raising Gamebirds

    Item No. FRG

    Availability: In Stock

    Covers incubating, brooding, start & growing, debeaking, common diseases are covered in the book. Compact but...

  • Game Bird Breeders Handbook

    Game Bird Breeders Handbook

    Item No. GBBH

    Availability: In Stock

    Authors are renowned researchers in the keeping, rearing and nutritional studies of pheasant, quail, and partridge....

  • A Closer Look at Button Quail

    A Closer Look at Button Quail

    Item No. BQ

    Availability: In Stock

    A good reference book for raising button quail. Twelve chapeters cover basic genetics, breeding, incubation,...

  • Chinese Painted Quail

    Chinese Painted Quail

    Item No. CPQ

    Availability: In Stock

    Book describes the button quail, basic care, breeding, housing & care of button quail. Some common diseases and...

  • Grower's Reference to Gamebird Health

    Grower's Reference to Gamebird Health

    Item No. GRGH
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    Availability: In Stock

    First reference specifically for gamebird producers. Discusses all aspects of disease prevention and treatment....

  • Introduction to Ornamental Pheasants

    Introduction to Ornamental Pheasants

    Item No. IOP

    Availability: In Stock

    Basic info on choosing a species, management, feeding care. Also a chapter on building aviaries. Author: K.C.R....

  • Introduction to Quail in Captivity

    Introduction to Quail in Captivity

    Item No. IQC

    Availability: In Stock

    This book is designed to give the beginner basic guidance into the requirements to keep healthy birds. Specific...

  • Keeping Quail

    Keeping Quail

    Item No. KQ

    Availability: In Stock

    Chapters cover history, various breeds, housing, feed, breeding, incubating and health. Centers on coturnix quail but...

  • Modern Pheasant Rearing

    Modern Pheasant Rearing

    Item No. MPR

    Availability: Out of Season

    The book contains information aimed at the small shoot or game farm. How to get started, overwintering, catching up...

  • Ornamental Pheasants for Beginners

    Ornamental Pheasants for Beginners

    Item No. OP

    Availability: In Stock

    Color photos of over 48 pheasant breeds with short avicultural information on each species. Also covers aviary...

  • Quail Manual

    Quail Manual

    Item No. QM

    Availability: In Stock

    This book is for the new breeder/grower of quail. Covers breeding, incubation, brooding, feed, preparing for market...

  • Raising Bobwhite Quail for Commercial Use

    Raising Bobwhite Quail for Commercial Use

    Item No. RBQ

    Availability: In Stock

    Produced by Clemson University for the hobbyist. basic info on managing breeding flock, disease prevention,...

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