Edstrom Watering System

The Edstrom Drinker valves feature positive valve shut-off that is virtually leak proof. The key to this design is a combination of the tough, yet springy diaphragm, and the resilient long life O-ring. When an animal needs a drink, it will seek the drop of water that can be found at the end of the drinking valve. When he drinks, he will move the valve stem causing more water to flow. Since the valve is actuated by the biting or licking motion, your animal or bird regulates the amount of water used, with little or no spillage. The design of the Edstrom valve allows greater clearance the valve stem and the sealing system. The result is maximum resistance to mineral deposits. The valve can be operated by an animal with a system pressure as high as 10 P.S.I. or as low as 1/8 P.S.I. Recommended System Pressure can be achieved by using a Storage tank, a float valve controlled tank or a pressure reducing valve. The storage tank system will serve up to 75 valves. When planning your system, keep these guidelines in mind: A:) the maximum length of a water line is 50 feet. B:) tubing standoffs used to support the water line should be spaced no more than 18" apart and located at every tee. C:) a drain valve should be located at the end of each water line.

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