Chicken Books

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  • Guide to Raising Poultry

    Guide to Raising Poultry

    This classic resource is the only book you need to naturally and humanely raise a wide range of poultry, from chickens and turkeys to waterfowl and game birds — even uncommon species, such as pigeons, emus, doves, ostriches, peafowl, and swans. Whether you're running a farm or raising a few birds in the backyard, Glenn Drowns tells you everything you need to know about breed selection,...
  • Guide to Raising Chickens

    Guide to Raising Chickens

    Everything you need to know--choosing the right breed, care and feeding of birds, building feeders and shelters, collecting and storing eggs, preventing health problems, butchering. There is also a state resource guide and list of suppliers. Author: Gail Damerow. Soft cover, 341 pg., b/w illustrations. Original - 1995 New Edition - 2010

  • ABC's of Poultry Genetics

    ABC's of Poultry Genetics

    Talks about poultry genetics. Step by step guide with illustrations. Paperback, 65 pgs. By Dr. W.F. Hollander Phd.
  • Artful Chickens

    Artful Chickens

    Great recipes and splendid objects for the collector. This unique and captivating cookbook combines food and fancy in 85 favorite chicken and egg recipes. It is illustrated with hundreds of chicken collectibles. Hardcover, 174 pgs By Linda Arnaud

  • Araucana


    Information on different Araucanas, and their care. Describing their color, eyes, combs. Going through your first year. Paperback, 79 pgs By Cathy Brunson
  • Building Chicken Coops

    Building Chicken Coops

    Gives tips for a successful coop design, ventilation, flooring, roosts, nests, feeder, water and other tips. Paperback, 32 pgs By Gail Damerow

  • Beginners Guide to Raising & Showing Chickens DVD

    Beginners Guide to Raising & Showing Chickens DVD

    12 chapters, including choosing chicks; flock care; showing chickens & 4H poultry showmanship; butchering and common disease interventions-both organic and conventional treatments. 2006 Edition DVD, color 90 min Allison MacLeod presents well researched info
  • Barnyard in your Backyard

    Barnyard in your Backyard

    Beginner's guide to raising healthy, happy productive farm animals. Focuses on species that are easy to raise. Each chapter covers a different animal (chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, goats, sheep & cattle.) Paperback, 408 pgs By Gail Damerow

  • British Large Fowl Book

    British Large Fowl Book

    Twenty-two traditonal breeds including those developed by the Victorians are beautifully portrayed together with their fascinating history from early times to the present day. Paperback, 43 pgs By Michael Roberts
  • Bantam Standard Book

    Bantam Standard Book

    Description on 57 breeds, 85 plumage pattern descriptions, judging, of chickens as well as the breeds and varieties of bantam ducks. Hardcover, 288 pgs Edited by: ABA Standard Committee, Ralph Sheriff Jr., Chairman, 2011 edition

  • Chickens at Home

    Chickens at Home

    Four methods of keeping and rearing laying hens and bantams in your garden or smallholding together with practical information on feeding, watering, management and diseases. Paperback, 58 pgs By Michael Roberts
  • City Chicks

    City Chicks

    Raising chickens in the backyard is gaining popularity. This book is full of ideas for letting your chickens do your :gardening" for you. Incubating, brooding, housing feed, health care and more. Also has breed descriptions. Paperback, 459 pgs. By Patricia Foreman

  • Chicken Diseases

    Chicken Diseases

    Divisions of the poultry industry & definitions, disease definitiion & classifications, genetic resistance to disease, different diseases are listed, and diseases at shows are covered. Paperback 59 pgs By F.P. Jeffrey
  • Chicken Health Handbook

    Chicken Health Handbook

    A must have reference manual for small flock owners. Covers problems and diseases common to all breeds and ages. This book teaches you to hatch healthy chicks, provide proper nutrition, fight parasites, spot diseases and infections in early stages, protect flocks from predators. An extensive alphabetical listing of diseases provides quick access to treatments and remedies. Revised in 2015;...

  • Chicken Tractor

    Chicken Tractor

    Alternative ways to manage your flock, using rotating grazing plans, portable pen system, straw bale housing systems . This book discusses how these management practices work with sustainable farming practices. Paperback, 230 pgs By Andy Lee & Pat Foreman
  • Caponizing Modern Management

    Caponizing Modern Management

    Describes process of caponizing, its history, why to caponize, potential problems, marketing and equipment needed. Caponizing is the castration of a cockerel to produce a large size roaster. Also instructions for caponizing pheasants and quail. Paperback, 52 pgs. Black & white photos & illustrations By Loyl Stromberg. Revised edition March 2010.

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