Chick Feeders

  • Baby Bantam and Game Chick Feeder

    Baby Bantam and Game Chick Feeder

    A perfect size, may be placed within most all game or bantam chick brooders, 12" long, 6" wide, 5 1/2" high. The very low 1 inch feeding edge is just right for the smaller chicks. Feed capacity 5 lbs. New design! Sturdy plastic.
  • Baby Chick Bulk Feeder

    Baby Chick Bulk Feeder

    A gravity flow feeder for baby chicks. Circular in design. Feeder is 7 1/2" high and the base is 11 1/2" in diameter. Trough is 1 1/2" wide. Narrow trough prevents chicks from getting into feed and scratching. Made of sturdy plastic. Easy to clean, will hold up to 8 lbs. of feed. Snaps together. Not adjustable. Now comes with lid.

  • Fruit Jar Feeder

    Fruit Jar Feeder

    Use your own canning jar to complete this feeder. Made out of quality galvanized steel right ere in the USA. Great for small birds and baby chicks. 5 inch diameter has eight openings. Rounded, embossed edges help reduce chafing on neck and head. Removable cover. Do not come with jars. These work great with our plastic jars. The large plastic jar holds 58 ounces and the small...
  • Feed Control Feeder

    Feed Control Feeder

    This feeder is designed to be used for baby chicks on up to full grown gamebirds and poultry. Designed with a hinged lid and has feed control within the feeder to regulate the height of the feed in the pan, an essential part of economic feeding. The trough is 1 1/2" high with a 12" diameter. Height is 20". 16 LB Capacity

  • Game Chick Hanging Feeder

    Game Chick Hanging Feeder

    Specially designed for use with young quail, pheasant, or baby chicks. Manufactured with a built in grill molded into the body. Made of high density polyethylene plastic. Feed capacity of 22 lbs. Pan diameter is 13 1/2". Trough 2" wide, 1 1/2" deep.
  • Baby Chick Feeder 806

    Baby Chick Feeder 806

    Brightly colored bases with 8 feed openings. 1 quart feed capacity. Ideal for small groups of chicken or game bird chicks. Base 6" diameter, height 2 1/2". Your choice of base color: red, yellow, green or purple. Made in the USA. Do not come with jars. These work great with our plastic jars. The large plastic jar holds 58 ounces and the small plastic jar holds 1 quart. These...