Building Plans and Books

  • Building An Aviary

    Building An Aviary

    Author draws on his considerable experience in building aviaries, primarily for the smaller cage bird species. He includes information on: wood framing, alternate framing, wire, aviary security, doors, heating, plants & landscaping and more. His knowledge and techniques are adaptable to those wishing to build larger aviaries for pheasants, quail, etc. Written by Robert G. Black. Soft cover,...
  • Building Chicken Coops

    Building Chicken Coops

    Gives tips for a successful coop design, ventilation, flooring, roosts, nests, feeder, water and other tips. Paperback, 32 pgs By Gail Damerow

  • Build Your Own Aviary, Cages, & Nestboxes

    Build Your Own Aviary, Cages, & Nestboxes

    Numerous detailed black and white photos showing step by step cage construction. also next boxes, carrying cages, perches and feeders. Best book we've seen on home building of cages. Build your own and "save a bundle." Written by James McDonald. Soft cover, 120 pp.
  • Chicken Coops

    Chicken Coops

    Author presents 45 plans for housing both laying hens & meat birds, from few birds to many. She has researched and visited sites from Seattle's Tilth City Chickens tour, to Mad City Chickens tour in Wisconsin to large-scale moveable shelters by Joel Salatin and presents their structures and the accompanying story. Find plans to convert trailer frames, green houses and backyard sheds to poultry...

  • Hobby Farm/Smallholder Projects

    Hobby Farm/Smallholder Projects

    Many do-it-yourself projects are included with photo, diagram, and measurements. Troughs, hurdles, gates, brooders, dust bath, nest box, benches, and a milking stool are among the 22 projects. Author: Michael Roberts. Soft cover, 70 pg., b/w photos & diagrams.
  • Farm and Smallholder Fencing

    Farm and Smallholder Fencing

    Over 50 color photos and numerous drawings to illustrate fencing concepts/examples. Thorough, compact book on fencing. Includes info on tools, gates, rails, supports and types of material including wire, netting, wood, high tensile wire and electric wire. Author has tips on fencing problem areas (uneven ground, ditches), making tree guards and stiles. He also presents info on fencing for...

  • How To Build Animal Housing

    How To Build Animal Housing

    Considering building your own animal housing? Author presents info on design and function, foundations, roofing, windows, electrical and plumbing systems. For poultry, there are also plans for portable coop and brooder house; arks and summer range shelters. Also includes plans for nest boxes, waterer stand, animal carriers and roosts. In addition, author presents plans for small and portable...
  • Mini-Barn Plans

    Mini-Barn Plans

    Complete plans for mini barn (12x16) w/options & floor plans. Possible indoor garden nursery, garage, hobby workshop, & animal shelter alternative. Also incl. are plans for 8' wide mini storage shed. PLANS. 5 sheets.

  • Small Barns and Outbuildings

    Small Barns and Outbuildings

    Covers all aspects of construction including permits and financing, tools, foundations, framing, siding, windows & doors, wiring, plumbing. 22 different building diagrams are included. Author: Monte Burch. Soft cover, 280 pg., b/w photos & diagrams.