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  • 2010 A.P.A. Standard Of Perfection

    2010 A.P.A. Standard Of Perfection

    Item No. SOP
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    NEW 2010 VERSION!This is the bible of show requirements in the U.S. It has requirements for poultry...

  • Bantam Standard

    Bantam Standard

    Item No. BST

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    Description on 57 breeds, 85 plumage pattern descriptions, judging, of chickens as well as the breeds and varieties...

  • Mini Bantam Standard

    Mini Bantam Standard

    Item No. BSTM

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    This new version of the bantam standard is pocket sized. Contains all the great information of the regular size....

  • American Game Fowl Standard

    American Game Fowl Standard

    Item No. GFS

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    16 colored illustrations of game fowl color patterns. Information on origin of American Game Fowl, confirmation,...

  • Rabbit Cavie and Standard

    Rabbit Cavie and Standard

    Item No. RSP

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    Published as a guide for the beginner and established breeder. Provides a guide for evaluating rabbits and cavies for...