Breed Standard Books

  • 2010 A.P.A. Standard Of Perfection

    2010 A.P.A. Standard Of Perfection

    NEW 2010 VERSION! This is the bible of show requirements in the U.S. It has requirements for poultry exhibits, exhibitors, judges. Also has a nice glossary of terms, disqualifications as well as color pattern descriptions. Contains info on all the show poultry breeds- chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, & bantams. Color paintings of the majority of breeds and varieties. 2010 Edition. American...
  • Bantam Standard Book

    Bantam Standard Book

    Description on 57 breeds, 85 plumage pattern descriptions, judging, of chickens as well as the breeds and varieties of bantam ducks. Hardcover, 288 pgs Edited by: ABA Standard Committee, Ralph Sheriff Jr., Chairman, 2011 edition

  • Mini Bantam Standard Book

    Mini Bantam Standard Book

    This new version of the bantam standard is pocket sized. Contains all the great information of the regular size. 2011, soft cover, 300 pp, 68 in color.
  • American Game Fowl Standard

    American Game Fowl Standard

    16 colored illustrations of game fowl color patterns. Information on origin of American Game Fowl, confirmation, colors, disqualifications, defects and glossary of techinical terms. Also includes info on American Game Bantams standards & colors. Published w/ approval of Am. Game Fowl Society. Paperback, 60 pgs Edited by Anthony Saville

  • Rabbit Cavie and Standard

    Rabbit Cavie and Standard

    Published as a guide for the beginner and established breeder. Provides a guide for evaluating rabbits and cavies for breeding and judging. Standards for different breeds are listed, variety descriptions as well as other information. Published by: Am. Rabbit Breeders Assoc. Soft cover, 253 pg., color & b/w photos.