Battery Brooders

Battery brooders offer a great way to raise a large quantity of birds while using a minimum of floor space. Useful features simplify raising the large quantities of birds they are designed to brood.

  • Poultry Game Bird Brooder

    Poultry Game Bird Brooder

    Poultry Game Brooders are designed to eliminate stress in young birds by providing plenty of heat, fresh air, light, feed and water space, and sanitary conditions for a confined area. Three clear plastic panels allow full and easy viewing of the brooder's interior. Each brooder comes with three 28.5' troughs which maybe used for either feed or water. Ample feed and water space is necessary to...
  • Five Deck Large Capacity Brooder for Poultry or Gamebirds

    Five Deck Large Capacity Brooder for Poultry or Gamebirds

    Five Deck Gamebird/Poultry battery brooders with clear panels are ideal for displaying all types of chicks in feed stores, to monitor chick conditions at a glance and to raise large numbers of birds in limited floor space. Only 65" high, all tiers of 5 brooders are accessible and drop pans and floors can be removed for cleaning while the brooders are stacked. Includes 6 plug electrical outlet...

  • Chick and Quail Brooder

    Chick and Quail Brooder

    New design, galvanized steel construction. Poly feeder and drinker included. Feed trough fills from outside and holds approximately 7 pounds universal water drinker 3 liter capacity with self-cleaning trough. Capacity 100 day old chicks, 50 four week old chicks or 100 quail chicks to the fourth week. PVC coated wire mesh floor. For baby gamebirds, cover the floor with paper towel or cage board...
  • Chick and Quail Grow Unit

    Chick and Quail Grow Unit

    Identical to the CQB except there are NO heater units. These grow-out cages are not designed for birds that require headroom greater than 10". May be stacked 4 high.

  • Start  & Grow Cage Unit

    Start & Grow Cage Unit

    This can be the start of a very lucrative enterprise, producing approximately 48 chickens a month in a very limited space. Put approximately 48 chicks (day old) from a hatchery or incubator into the brooder for warmth, feed, and water. After four weeks, move 24 birds into each grow off pen and put 48 new chicks in the brooder. That's 96 birds kept comfortably in less than 11 square ft. 49...
  • 5 Battery Grow Off Pens

    5 Battery Grow Off Pens

    Five of the Grow Off Pens make up the Battery. They are stacked and bolted together on a brooder base, which has sturdy swivel casters for easy moving. Only one lid is supplied when the battery is ordered. This is the same as the #PGB, but without the expense of the heating elements and thermostats. Dimensions: 38"w x 42" d x 65" h..

  • Growing Cage

    Growing Cage

    Can be used as a holding or growing pen for smaller birds. This is similar to the PGB, but has NO heater. Inside dimensions are 36" long x 30" wide and 9.75" headroom. There are sliding panels on front and sides that have 1" x 4" mesh. The top half of the panels are open and the bottom half has an adjustable gate that can be adjusted outside the cage. Height can be extended with GROX...
  • Expansion Kit for Growing Cage

    Expansion Kit for Growing Cage

    With this kit, you can increase the height of the growing cage to 14" total. It bolts to the cage or brooder.

  • Brooder Base Unit With Caster

    Brooder Base Unit With Caster

    The Bottom Brooder or pen is 9" above the floor. Includes 5 socket outlet panel. You can stack up to four brooders or pens. Swivel casters. You will need to purchase #CQB or #CQGU units separately.
  • Automatic Water Kit for Battery Brooders

    Automatic Water Kit for Battery Brooders

    Install 5 float valves into existing water troughs on brooders (Troughs not supplied with kit.) Attach and secure tubing harness to the float valves, using tubing clamps supplied. Attach garden hose to pressure reducing valve which is already installed on the tubing harness. Turn water on and regulate depth by bending float arm. Picture is for the single; this will be modified to fit the 5...

  • Poultry Game Bird Brooder 220 Volt

    Poultry Game Bird Brooder 220 Volt

    All three side panels and back door are easily removed for cleaning. Comes with clear front panel for easy viewing and display, plus three troughs which may be used for water or feed. Any trough can be converted to water automatically with item PGB-AW. Thermometer and wafer thermostat are included and are accurate to 1 degree. Floor is 1/2" mesh which allows droppings to pass through easily....