Basic Brooders

Our line of basic brooders is an economical way to brood your baby chicks.

  • Baby Chick Starter Kit

    Baby Chick Starter Kit

    New and improved in 2017!! We have rethought our baby chick starter kit to make it easier for you!! This is the same brooder starter kit we have brought you for years but with a new focus on ease of use! Here is what is included and how we feel it will help you to succeed. Because making it easier for you to hatch and brood your chicks is what we want to do with this kit. This is for...
  • EcoGlow Brooder - 50 Chicks

    EcoGlow Brooder - 50 Chicks

    Clean, safe, tough and extremely economical chick brooder the larger EcoGlow 50 is ideal for up to 50 chicks or ducklings and suitable for any waterfowl or gamebird chicks. The EcoGlow 50 only uses 60 Watts (a fraction of the electricity of typical suspended infrared lamps) because the chicks are in contact with its warm underneath surface. The brooder runs at 12v for safety from a mains...

  • Hanging Heat Lamp Brooder

    Hanging Heat Lamp Brooder

    Provides chicks with a warm, dry environment. Heat-resistant ceramic socket and double wire bulb guard for safety. Features 6-foot electrical cord with polarized male prongs and scratch-resistant clamp with ball joint for easy positioning. Corrosion-resistant 10.5 inch aluminum shade has a built-in hanger. Reflectors extend over lamps & protects them from moisture from ceiling. Guards protect...
  • Sweeter Heater

    Sweeter Heater

    The Sweeter Heater has no hot spots, develops a uniform heat pattern, and has a 3-year warranty. The surface temperature of the lens will range from a safe 160-180 degrees (F). It is designed to warm the animal, not the environment and is fully adjustable to maintain the ideal comfort level for your animals.The lens temperature will not exceed 160-180 degrees and will not burn your animals....