Aviary Supplies

  • Starplate Connector Set

    Starplate Connector Set

    Starplates are steel plates, with channels to hold 2x2's, 2x3's or 2x4's. You simply drill holes in each end of 25 struts of equal length and bolt them into the 11 star plates to build a solid, mini-dome framework in under two hours! This set consists of 11 plates - Instructions included !See our Starplate Geodesic Dome Kit Information Page for more details on sizes and ideas....
  • Starplate Instructions

    Starplate Instructions

    Instructions to use Star Plates. Order this pamphlet if you have misplaced yours or simply want to learn more about Star Plates !

  • Lacing Cord 1,000 Feet

    Lacing Cord 1,000 Feet

    1000 Feet of lacing cord to weave together netting and patch holes.
  • Lacing Cord Needles

    Lacing Cord Needles

    Lacing cord needles are used to weave lacing cord through netting. Prevents cord from getting tangled and losing the cord in the netting.

  • Wire Flight Pen Fencing - 1 Inch Hex PVC Coated

    Wire Flight Pen Fencing - 1 Inch Hex PVC Coated

    This 1 inch fencing is perfect for building your game bird flight pens and can be used for any poultry run as well. It is made from Hex wire which is then coated in PVC. The PVC coating acts as a weather proofing agent to prevent rust. If you have ever built a pen out of non coated chicken wire you know that it rusts out quickly and you will have to rebuild your pen all over again. We all...