Animal Health Books

  • Chicken Health Handbook

    Chicken Health Handbook

    A must have reference manual for small flock owners. Covers problems and diseases common to all breeds and ages. This book teaches you to hatch healthy chicks, provide proper nutrition, fight parasites, spot diseases and infections in early stages, protect flocks from predators. An extensive alphabetical listing of diseases provides quick access to treatments and remedies. Revised in 2015; this...
  • Healthy Chickens Handbook

    Healthy Chickens Handbook

    Aimed at the back garden chicken keeper who keeps a few free range chickens for eggs as well as the smallholder with larger flocks of non-intensive stock it covers all aspects of keeping your birds healthy and productive. Accompanied by full colour photographs and diagrams each section is coloured coded to help navigate through the book.

  • Chicken Diseases

    Chicken Diseases

    Divisions of the poultry industry & definitions, disease definitiion & classifications, genetic resistance to disease, different diseases are listed, and diseases at shows are covered. Paperback 59 pgs By F.P. Jeffrey
  • Grower's Reference to Gamebird Health

    Grower's Reference to Gamebird Health

    First reference specifically for gamebird producers. Discusses all aspects of disease prevention and treatment. Author: Dr. Dwight Schwartz. Soft cover, 357 pg., b/w charts.