Wild Goslings

  • Egyptian Goslings

    Egyptian Goslings

    The Egyptian Gosling is a light weight breed which originated in Africa. They are great foragers, the smallest of the goose breeds, and have a unique upright stance. They also can be an aggressive and a territorial breed. Their colorful adult plumage is beautiful and females are virtually identical to males, except smaller. Weight: Female-4 lbs. Male-5 lbs. Shipping is included with...
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  • Canada Honker Gosling

    Canada Honker Gosling

    The Canada Honker has an all black: bill, eyes, shanks, and feet. The head and neck are black with light gray to white markings on side of face and under throat. Body is primarily gray on top; the tail is black. Weight: 10-12 lbs. Please check with Federal & or State agencies for permit information. Shipping is included with all chick prices. Minimum order 6. Goslings will not...