Turkey Poults

We offer several beautiful varieties of turkey poults and eggs. Turkey poults (turkey chicks) ship from March through August and fertile turkey eggs ship form May through July. These turkeys are great for the table. Be sure to browse our turkey book selection, which is sure to have the turkey information you are looking for.

Don't forget to be prepared for your turkeys. You'll need a brooder, chick fount and chick feeders to ensure your turkeys survive. Please see our page about shipping birds to learn more about how we get these great birds to you.

We are sorry, but we do not export live birds, eggs or adult birds including pigeons or doves.

We are sorry, but we cannot ship birds or eggs to Hawaii.

  • Black Turkey Poults

    Black Turkey Poults

    The Black Spanish was developed in Europe as a direct descendant of the Mexican turkeys carried home with explorers in the 1500s. The plumage of this variety is a gorgeous, metallic black with a greenish sheen on top and a dull black undercolor. A very personable and tame breed. Weight: Mature Hen-14 lbs. Mature Tom-23 lbs.The Blacks slightly smaller than the Bronze. Shipping is included...
  • Blue Slate Turkey Poults

    Blue Slate Turkey Poults

    The Blue Slate Turkey is a medium sized breed that reproduces naturally. The Slate or Blue Slate variety is named for its color, which is solid to ashy blue over the entire body, with or without a few black flecks. It is also called the Blue or Lavender turkey. The head, throat, and wattles are red to bluish white. Adults are blue-gray throughout with females being a lighter color than the...

  • Bourbon Red Turkey Poults

    Bourbon Red Turkey Poults

    The Bourbon Red turkey is named for Bourbon County in Kentucky's Bluegrass region where it originated in the late 1800's. This breed will not grow as large or fast as the Broad Breasted Turkeys. Bourbon Red turkeys are beautifully colored birds. They have brownish to dark red plumage with white flight and tail feathers. Tail feathers have soft red bars crossing them near the end. Neck and...
  • Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey Poults

    Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey Poults

    The Broad Breasted Bronze is a meat breed with a good growth rate. Usually butchered at 14-18 weeks of age. This breed cannot reproduce naturally because of the size. Weight: Mature Hen-32 lbs. Mature Tom-45 lbs. Shipping is included with all chick prices.

  • Broad Breasted White Turkey Poults

    Broad Breasted White Turkey Poults

    The Broad Breasted White is a meat breed with a good growth rate. Most birds are butchered between 14-18 weeks. They cannot reproduce naturally because of their size. Weight: Mature Hen-36 lbs. Mature Tom-50 lbs. Shipping is included with all chick prices.
  • Chocolate Turkey Poults

    Chocolate Turkey Poults

    Chocolate Turkeys are a rare breed of turkey that will naturally reproduce. Their adult feathers are brown, but as poults they have a white face. Weight: Mature Hen-18 lbs. Mature Tom-33 lbs. Shipping is included with all chick prices.

  • Midget White Turkey Poults

    Midget White Turkey Poults

    The Midget White was developed in the late 50's or 60's. It is similar in coloration to the Broad Breasted White, but can reproduce naturally. Weight: Mature Hen-12lbs Mature Tom-20 lbs Shipping is included with all chick prices.
  • Narragansett Turkey Poults

    Narragansett Turkey Poults

    The Narragansett was developed in the 1700's in North America. The Narragansett turkey is named for Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, where the variety was developed. Color is similar to the Bronze, but instead of copper coloring - the Narragansett has steel gray coloring. Narragansett turkeys have traditionally been known for their calm disposition, good maternal abilities, early maturation,...

  • Royal Palm Turkey Poults

    Royal Palm Turkey Poults

    The Royal Palm is an excellent forager. Primarily white with many of the feathers edged in black. Royal Palm turkeys are white with a sharply contrasting, metallic black edging on the feathers. The saddle is black; the tail is pure white, with each feather having a band of black and an edge of white. The coverts are white with a band of black, and the wings are white with a narrow edge of...
  • Standard Bronze Turkey Poults

    Standard Bronze Turkey Poults

    The Bronze has been the most popular turkey variety for most of American history. It originated from crosses between the domestic turkeys brought by European colonists to the Americas and the eastern wild turkeys they found upon their arrival. Much slower growth than the Broad Breasted variety and can naturally reproduce. The Bronze variety is stately and imposing in appearance. Weight:...

  • White Holland Turkey Poults

    White Holland Turkey Poults

    The White Holland originated in Europe. The name White Holland implied Dutch origins for the variety but it is an American breed that was developed from white birds of the Bronze turkey variety. This breed is similar in size to the Broad Breasted White, but slower growing than the Broad Breasted varieties. The White Holland turkey is brilliant in appearance, with snow white feathers and a red...
  • Assorted Heritage Breed Turkeys

    Assorted Heritage Breed Turkeys

    Hatchery choice from heritage breeds that can include any color we carry minus the Broad Breasted varieties. What a great surprise... will you have a few Blue; a few Bourbon? Who knows?!?! By choosing an assortment you get a quicker ship date and the hatchery gets to use up every bird on hatch day! Hatchery's choice of at least 3 breeds: Black Spanish, Blue Slate, Bourbon Red, Narragansett,...