Quail Eggs

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  • Bobwhite Quail Eggs

    Bobwhite Quail Eggs

    Item No. QUAIBW3*
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    Availability: In Stock

    The Bobwhite quail will mature in 16 weeks and dresses out at 7-9 ounces. They are great fliers and layers. They will...

  • Standard Coturnix Quail Eggs

    Standard Coturnix Quail Eggs

    Item No. QUAIBP2

    Availability: In Stock

    Common brown variety. Excellent meat production and prolific egg layers. Typically quiet.

    Weight: 10-12...

  • California Valley Quail Eggs

    California Valley Quail Eggs

    Item No. QUAICV1*

    Availability: In Stock

    The California Valley Quail's habitat is semi-desert sage brush areas, dominated by grasslands. The female California...

  • Gambel Quail Eggs

    Gambel Quail Eggs

    Item No. QUAIG2*

    Availability: In Stock

    The Gambel Quail is easily confused with the California Valley Quail. The Gambel has a different color pattern on the...

  • Tennessee Red Quail Eggs

    Tennessee Red Quail Eggs

    Item No. QUAITNR2

    Availability: In Stock

    The Tennessee Red is a mutation of the Bobwhite Quail & originated in Tennessee. They are somewhat larger than the...

  • Blue Scale Quail Eggs

    Blue Scale Quail Eggs

    Item No. QUAIBS2*

    Availability: In Stock

    The Blue Scale is a ground dweller native to desert grasslands and thorn scrub. Females can be distinguished from the...

  • Assorted Fancy Quail Eggs

    Assorted Fancy Quail Eggs

    Item No. QUAIAS1*

    Availability: In Stock

    This assortment will include California Valley, Gambel and Blue Scale varieties.

    30 eggs
    Shipping is...

  • Mini Chick-Bator with Quail Eggs

    Mini Chick-Bator with Quail Eggs

    Item No. INCMCB-EG

    Availability: In Stock

    This complete kit will allow you to experience hatching your own eggs for an economical price. Get the economy mini...