Poultry Vaccines and Blood Tests

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  • Marek's Vaccine 1000 doses

    Marek's Vaccine 1000 doses

    Item No. MAREK-VAC
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    Availability: In Stock

    Mareks vaccine is recommended for the vaccination of healthy one-day-old chicks only, to aid in the prevention of the...

  • Pullorum Antigen - 1000 Tests

    Pullorum Antigen - 1000 Tests

    Item No. ANTIG

    Availability: Out of Stock

    NOT SHIPPING UNTIL November 2018. 1000 test bottle - Reactors show clearly. Salmonella Pullorum is a disease that...

  • Blood Test Instrument

    Blood Test Instrument

    Item No. BTI3012

    Availability: In Stock

    Loop and bleeder combination

  • Blood Test Box

    Blood Test Box

    Item No. BTB3010

    Availability: In Stock

    This new testing unit makes it ideal to do much better blood testing for Pullorum. You can do it quicker and more...

  • Blood Test Plate

    Blood Test Plate

    Item No. BTP3011

    Availability: In Stock

    Plate for blood testing

  • Adjustable Dose Bottle Mount Syringe - 0.5mL

    Adjustable Dose Bottle Mount Syringe - 0.5mL

    Item No. BMS

    Availability: In Stock

    To inject your chicks or pigeons with vaccine. You attach your vaccine to the bottle and pull to the correct dosage....

  • Sterile Syringe 3 ML

    Sterile Syringe 3 ML

    Item No. SYRINGE

    Availability: In Stock

    Sterile Syringes are needed to inject medicine into your birds or to withdraw blood for testing. Does not include...