Poultry Vaccines and Blood Tests

  • Marek's Vaccine 1000 doses

    Marek's Vaccine 1000 doses

    Mareks vaccine is recommended for the vaccination of healthy one-day-old chicks only, to aid in the prevention of the signs and lesions of Mareks disease. Give subcutaneously only (injected into the bird). For vaccination, an automatic syringe with 22- to 20-gauge needles, 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch in length, is recommended. Make certain that all equipment is sterilized and change needles...
  • Pullorum Antigen - 1000 Tests

    Pullorum Antigen - 1000 Tests

    NOT SHIPPING UNTIL November 2018. 1000 test bottle - Reactors show clearly. Salmonella Pullorum is a disease that can be transmitted through breeding stock. This antigen will also bring out reactors to fowl that are carriers of Fowl Typhoid. It is for this reason that some poultry shows in compliance with state requirements, insist that you show proof of blood testing. In some states, you can...
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  • Blood Test Instrument

    Blood Test Instrument

    Loop and bleeder combination
  • Blood Test Box

    Blood Test Box

    This new testing unit makes it ideal to do much better blood testing for Pullorum. You can do it quicker and more efficiently. Square inch grids have been etched in the white opaque test plate. The test plate diffuses light evenly, and makes a sharp differentiation between positive and negative blood samples. The unit is light weight yet strong. It can easily be washed and comes complete with a...

  • Blood Test Plate

    Blood Test Plate

    Plate for blood testing
  • Adjustable Dose Bottle Mount Syringe - 0.5mL

    Adjustable Dose Bottle Mount Syringe - 0.5mL

    To inject your chicks or pigeons with vaccine. You attach your vaccine to the bottle and pull to the correct dosage. The cost is not as much as stainless steels models.

  • Sterile Syringe 3 ML

    Sterile Syringe 3 ML

    Sterile Syringes are needed to inject medicine into your birds or to withdraw blood for testing. Does not include needle order separately.