Poultry Processing Tools and Accessories

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  • Killing Cone Stand - With Broiler Cones

    Killing Cone Stand - With Broiler Cones

    Efficient, humane, and easy-cleaning, the all-stainless steel kill cone stand speeds up the processing and eases the handling of birds at the front end of your processing line. "It was the only thing keeping us from 200 birds per hour," says Joel Salatin. Eight of our easy-cleaning, no back-out cones fit compactly around a swiveling stand of stainless steel. Blood caught in the PVC trough below...
  • Processing Kit for Poultry

    Processing Kit for Poultry

    This processing kit is exactly what you need to start your tool kit for processing poultry. It comes with a killing cone size of your choice a boning knife and the book Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game.

  • Plastic Evisceration Table

    Plastic Evisceration Table

    This evisceration table is ideal for quick setup and easy storage . Constructed of durable low-molded poly, features a stainless steel faucet that can be connected to a garden hose. The faucet can be removed for easier storage. The table also features a tapered channel for water drainage, drain hose, and a built in ruler located on top of the table. For quick and easy storage, simply fold the...
  • Eviscerating Table

    Eviscerating Table

    An economical table for pastured poultry processing. One piece top with 1 lip; 1.75 center drain. Unit comes with two (2) goose neck wash valves and two (2)trigger valves with hose. Stainless Steel. This is a two person table.Eviscerating Table 29" wide x 55" long x 36" high (overall height is 58 1/2"). Options include an adjustable shackle bar for shackle evisceration and the shackles also...

  • Poultry Killing Cones

    Poultry Killing Cones

    These quality constructed killing/restraining cones are made from stainless steel, 18-20 gauge. Makes restraining birds for slaughter easier. Large Killing Cones - 10" Wide at top, 18" Long - For Geese and Small Turkeys Medium Killing Cones - 9" Wide at top, 12" Long - For Ducks and Chickens Small Killing Cones - 7" Wide at top, 10" Long Made of stainless steel. In...
  • Killing Knife

    Killing Knife

    Also known as a sticking knife, this narrow blade knife is used to kill poultry and general evisceration . The 3" blade is made out of high-carbon steel and the polypropylene handle is textured to ensure being slip-resistant. It is easy to clean and great for the small flock or commercial use. The blade is marked with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) logo and is NSF Certified.

  • Boning/ Multi Purpose Knife

    Boning/ Multi Purpose Knife

    A must for poultry processing and in the kitchen. This knife is for removing the bones of your fowl carcass, evisceration and as an all around multi purpose butchering knife. It has a 5" high-carbon steel blade and a slip-resistant polypropylene handle. It is easy to clean and the blade is marked with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) logo and is NSF Certified.
  • Pinning Knife

    Pinning Knife

    Helps remove those stubborn pin feathers. Use this knife to scrape the pin feathers out of the bird. The blade is 2.5" long and made out of high-carbon steel. The handle is a textured, slip resistant polypropylene. It is easy to clean and the blade is marked with the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) logo and is NSF Certified.

  • Gizzard Shears

    Gizzard Shears

    These are the metal shears for cutting and cleaning of the gizzard. These multipurpose/ high leverage shears are hot forged, thru-hardened, fully double-plated chrome over nickel.
  • Heavy Duty Clippers

    Heavy Duty Clippers

    Heavy duty clippers

  • Curved Heart and Liver Scissors

    Curved Heart and Liver Scissors

    These specially designed shears are curved to the right to help you when you are processing your poultry. It is really useful when it comes time to cut the heart and liver. They are made out of a cutlery grade steel that is double-plated with chrome over nickel to protect against rust and stains.
  • Curved Skinning Knife

    Curved Skinning Knife

    This is a curved skinning knife that is especially useful when "parting out chicken" Meaning separating legs, wings breasts etc.

  • Capon Instruments

    Capon Instruments

    Set incluedes all the necessary instruments to efficiently caponize. Scalpel, forceps, probe, spreader, needle, gland remover, confinement hooks and cords. Includes handy plastic caswe for instruments lested and Caponizing book by Loyl Stromberg.
  • Dubbing Shears

    Dubbing Shears

    Specialized shears to use when dubbing poultry. Curved design.

  • Picker Fingers

    Picker Fingers

    Replacement rubber fingers that are very popular and will fit most pickers - with 3/4" hole. They are 3 5/8" long.
  • Lung Remover

    Lung Remover

    One sided lung remover with plastic handle.

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